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Help From Him - Allison M. Hodge M.F.T.
Help From Him - Allison M. Hodge M.F.T.
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Marriage and Family Therapy Position

Marriage and Family Therapist

Help From Him offers a great placement for both therapist associates and licensed therapists who will be exposed to a diverse population and will able to gain a broad clinical experience as well as enhance their knowledge by working with a variety of diagnoses. Help From Him offers a great opportunity for licensed practitioners who want to provide professional psychotherapy with respect to the clients Christian values. This private practice was established in 2001 and is well known in the Christian community as an effective and powerful place of healing in Santa Monica and Westlake Village.

Help From Him provides an integrative approach to treatment when working with the Christian population.  We provide effective psychotherapy with respect to the client's Christian values and biblical principles.  Most clients come to Help From Him looking for a therapist who can provide therapy, support and tools while honoring the client's biblically based value system.



An associate is eligible to work in a private practice under licensed supervision after receiving the intern number issued by the California Board of Behavioral Science.  For more information on how to obtain your associate number click on the following link:

To apply at Help From Him, associates must have completed 1000 clinical hours toward licensure.  We require a minimum of a three year commitment as well as to be available for clients fifteen client hours in two evenings and one weekend day.  Networking and Marketing are required.



Associates are required to participate in weekly supervision.  Supervision will be conducted by Allison Hodge, the founder of Help From Him.  She is a licensed professional who has extensive experience in working with a myriad of treatment issues for individuals, couples, children, families as well as facilitating groups.

Allison Hodge received her masters degree from Trinity College of Graduate Studies. The focus of that training program was integrating Christianity and psychotherapy. Allison's clinical training was well-rounded in several treatment settings including churches, schools, and a geriatric center while under the supervision of a  psychodynamic therapist, a cognitive behavioral therapist and a psychoanalytic therapist.  Those treatment experiences and differing therapeutic approaches helped formed her as a supervisor.  The psychodynamic approach is most predominant in her work as a therapist.


Theoretical Orientation

Help From Him has an integrative approach which includes the following orientations: psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral and gestalt therapy.


To apply, please download the application and mail it to Help From Him at the Westlake Village address. pdf APPLICATION_FOR_THERAPIST

Help From Him - Allison M. Hodge M.F.T.